James Trend, well known for his brilliant use of color and iconography, makes a statement to futurists and fans who reside inside the pop culture world.  "Trend’s work is the new pop style!"  Through thoughts, attitudes and images, with a hint of optimism to fuel the experience in his work, New York City inspired Trend and he immersed himself into the pop art world by watching the changes he saw in the Big Apple.  "I lived not far from New York City and was influenced by the interaction that came from pop culture in the art world as well as its effect on our everyday lives. It still fascinates me to this day." 

James Trend’s “ Floral Collection" has been referred to as the "new, beautiful pop style".  Trend’s work has been also been upscaled to Murals and large commercial projects that largely define the culture through contemporary use color, pop icons and messaging, giving a nuance to an already popular culture. His appeal in using his art as a vehicle to educate and enjoy, reveals what society believes about itself and how art can affect social change.  Trend entered the digital realm in 2021 with digital art, making his mark and name for himself within the NFT space...Pop culture will never be the same.